Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Months Old

Dear Emma,

I cannot believe that you are now TWO months old.  I feel like I blink and you are another month old again! Time has been flying by so fast since the day that you arrived and I just want it to pause so I can take in all your cuteness and littleness before it's gone forever.  It has been so fun to watch you grow and change over the past month, but it's all so bittersweet at the same time.  I love seeing you change and become your own little person more and more each day, but at the same time I am not ready for you to grow up.  I know you aren't really all that grown up yet, but each day is a step towards you becoming bigger and bigger.

This past month you have grown SO much! You learned to smile, talk in coos and grunts, and you have started to play and interact with us more and more every day.  We love listening to you "talk" and you are especially chatty when we are doing tummy time.  You have so many stories to tell us about life and we love listening to them.  You make us laugh with all your expressions and the funny ways that you do things and communicate with us.  You LOVE watching us do things and always are trying to learn about what is going on around you.  You stare at us with this quizzical look and try to take it all in. You love looking at all our picture frames and book shelves, it leaves you in complete wonder. You love when we read books to you and if you aren't busy taking in the pictures, you are busy telling us about you think about the book. It is just so fun to watch you discover new things every day!!

Pretty much every morning you wake up with a big smile and love to say Good Morning to us that way! It is the best thing in the world to see your cute little smile.  You have learned to recognize Mommy and Daddy's faces and will smile at us when we come in from other rooms to where you are, or when we get home from being away from you.  It absolutely melts our hearts!! I think I still have a place in your heart as favorite and I can usually calm you down over any one else when you are really upset, but don't get me wrong you ADORE your Daddy (and he adores you)!  You love to snuggle us both and we have a hard time saying no to snuggling you when you cry at night or at nap time when we are trying to lay you in your bed.  To say you have us wrapped around your tiny fingers would be an understatement. :)

You learned to eat from a bottle this month and Daddy is learning how to feed you.  It made me really sad since that means it's almost time for me to go back to work soon and I am not ready to leave you quite yet!!! You love your paci and like to play the "paci game" with us all the time.  You spit it out and then smirk at the fact that we have to keep picking it up and putting it in your mouth since you haven't mastered the concept of that quite yet.  Good thing you're cute...

I don't think you could ever fully understand how much we love you and how much joy you bring to our life.  Every day gets better and better and we fall more and more in love with you.  You are truly the best thing in that has ever happened to us, and we thank God for you all the time. The past two months have been such a fun adventure learning to be your parents and I know that each month will get better and better.  Just don't let it go by too fast, deal? :)

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