About Me

All About Kimmy & what she loves.....  

-I'm twenty-four
-I'm married to the love of my life ,who happens to be my high school sweetheart and my very best friend.
-my Jesus is my everything, I live to serve Him everyday 
-i want to change this world with the message of Christ
-I love being a wife
-I  love my BIG family, they are the best
-I love writing
-I love shopping
-I love pictures & photography
-I love my puppy lilly 
-I love forehead kisses and snuggling with my hubby
-never taking life too seriously
-having fun and being crazy silly
-listening to music really loud in my car
-worshiping & spending time my heavenly Father
-laughing...hysterically :)
-late night pillow talk with scott
-picture frames
-Tom Brady
-The New England Patriots
-my iPod
-girls night out 
-meeting new people
-designer purses & jewelry
-watching Sunday football with the hubby
-celeb gossip magazines
-baking & cooking

....and so very much more! I hope you will follow along with us and learn more and more about how crazy and goofy I am, and about all the things that I think make life so beautiful!
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