Tuesday, December 27, 2011

29 & 30 Week Bumpdate

Wow, have I been a bad blogger or what?! Can I blame it on the fact that the holiday season has been keeping me super busy and I just haven't had the time to get to this?! I had every intention of posting on time, but then the weeks meshed together and I figured I might as well combine them into one post by this point.  Time keeps flying by at a lighting speed, and I keep having to remind myself to chill out about the fact that Baby E will be here in 10 weeks (or less).  I honestly cannot handle that thought right now! I feel SO super unprepared still!  10 weeks is still a long time, right?! 

So, let's recap weeks 28 & 29!

Symptoms:  Of course acid reflux, leg cramps, tiredness, and all those goodies have been keeping me company.  The only "new" things that have been added into the mix are sporadic braxton hicks, thankfully nothing too painful, and being constantly out of breath! I cannot believe how much work it feels like to walk up the stairs! I literally find myself breathing hard when I reach the top...YIKES! LOL!!

Bumpdate: The bump is definitely starting to restrict me more and more each day.  Baby E just keeps growing and growing which is wonderful, but this preggo is starting to feel like there is no more room left for her, and yet we still have a while before she gets here! Again...YIKES! LOL!!

Cravings: Still loving every thing and anything SWEET!! I cannot narrow down any one thing necessarily, but I love me some candy.  Maybe that's what is causing me to hate each weekly bumpdate photo more and more..I am hating how much my face has chubbed up! :( 

What I'm looking forward to:  Working more and more on her nursery! We have a lot of "finishing touches" left to do and I will feel more at peace when things are feeling more put together for her room!

Best moment this week:  Loving all her little bumps and kicks! I just adore all her sweet movements! It makes me fall more in love with her all the time!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

I {{heart}} Baby Legs!!!

We got another fun package in the mail today for baby girl!! She received her first official Baby Legs!! First can I tell you how much I LOVE Baby Legs?! My little nephews have a bunch of them and I think they are just darling! Not to mention it's super simple to toss these on baby when they are wearing a simple onesie around the house to keep their little chunky leg warms! I couldn't wait to get some for Baby E! 

Aren't they so cute?! This adorable 3 pack is on sale on their website right now for only $12!!! Such a great deal and they are just darling!! I seriously want to order like EVERY single one of them, but thankfully the husband keeps me in check on that! :)

I also wanted to let you guys know that Baby Legs is hosting a 12 days of Christmas giveaway right now on their Facebook page!  Each day they are giving away $100 prize packages, and one lucky winner (ooooh I hope it's ME!) will win a $500 prize package! AMAZEBALLS!!! It's super simple to enter just go "LIKE" (https://www.facebook.com/babylegs) their page, and then fill out their giveaway form.  Simple as that! Hopefully one of you are lucky enough to win! I know I am hoping I do! :)

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

28 Week Bumpdate

I cannot believe we reached the THIRD TRIMESTER milestone this week!!! Honestly, I cannot believe how quickly time continues to fly on by! We are now 12 weeks (or less) from this sweet little girl's arrival and while I am truly excited about meeting her, I am definitely not ready!!  I know someone, someway everything will come together perfectly before she gets here, but right now I am starting to fall a little bit in to panic mode! 

So, let's recap week 27!

Symptoms:  Overall, I still feeling pretty darn good each day.  Of course, acid reflux is getting more and more annoying as Baby E gets bigger every day, but I this point in time I just have accepted that it's a part of every day life till she comes.  I am starting to get super tired again, and I know that will only keep on as she gets bigger and bigger! Honestly though, I have been SO blessed for the past 28 weeks with how truly easy this pregnancy has gone.  For that, I give God all the glory!! I prayed and believed for a wonderful, easy pregnancy and He has MORE than answered that prayer!

Bumpdate: From what I hear, I have really POPPED out recently!  Baby E is not shy about letting the world know that she is in there and growing every day.  I officially cannot see my toes any more when I am standing up, and the bump is definitely prohibiting me from doing things that used to be fairly easy.

Cravings: PUDDING! Again with the sweets I know, but last week I really, really craved some pudding hard core! This little girl really, really loves her sweets...or at I am blaming her for all these cravings! :) 

What I'm looking forward to:  Working more and more on her nursery, and really starting to prep for her arrival.  I am such a perfectionist about getting things done waaay in advance, so I am already starting to prep final check lists and to-do's for the next 12 weeks.

Best moment this week:  FINALLY picking out her paint color, even though we are going to wait until after the first of the year to paint her room, it's nice to have it all figured out.  And of course, all her cute little movements! I love feeling her wiggle and roll around in my belly! She is so precious! 

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

27 Week Bumpdate

Another week has FLOWN by and I cannot believe that I am in the last week of my second trimester!  It is SO crazy how fast time is going by.  I am so excited that we are 13 weeks (or less) away from meeting this little girl, but at the same time I am super duper overwhelmed by everything that we have yet to do for her arrival.  I know it will all work out before she gets here, but right now I feel like the to-do & to-buy list are near ending and we won't get it all done.  Can time please just slow down for a teeny tiny bit?!

So, let's recap week 26!

Symptoms:  I have still been dealing with a lot of the same symptoms as always, but a couple new things have come up recently.  I am starting to get a little bit more tired similar to the first trimester.  I know as we get closer to her arrival this will become common.  I have been getting a bit more leg and back cramps recently, but again as Baby E gets bigger that's to be expected.  Overall, these symptoms aren't all that bad and I am still happy that for the most part things have been smooth sailing for baby girl and I.

Bumpdate: Holy BUMP! I feel like she is taking up more and more room by the minute.  I am starting to feel really pregnant, not like I am going to POP any second, but definitely more aware of the limitations my belly gives me.  Bending over isn't as comfortable as it was before, and I am near the point of not being able to see my feet anymore!! :)

Cravings: I cannot think of any one thing that I have really really wanted, but Baby E still loves her sweets, or at least I blame my new found sweet tooth on her! :) 

What I'm looking forward to:  Finishing more projects for her nursery! I have so many ideas of things that I want to get done, but I just need to find the time and money to do it all! 

Best moment this week:  Getting her bedding and room accessories!! YAY! It has been the highlight of my week!  I posted a link below to a sneak peek video that I posted on our YouTube if you wanna check it out. I absolutely love how cute everything is!  Other than that, it has been so fun noticing how active Baby E is getting to be.  She is constantly kicking and playing around in my belly!  I love it! 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nursery Sneak Peek!!

We got a big package today of goodies for Baby E's nursery!!! I make a quick little vlog to share a little peek into her nursery so far! Hope you guys like it! 

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

26 Week Bumpdate

I have been SO bad lately about getting my weekly BUMPdate's up on time!! Can I blame my delay this week on the fact that it was Thanksgiving, and I have been busier than I thought? Well, that justification works for me at least! LOL! As always, time continues to fly faster and faster than the week before.  I honestly feel like I am going to just blink my eyes and it will be February already.  It's scary to think that we are in the double digit countdown already to her arrival! 

So, let's recap week 25!

Symptoms: After getting a nice break from my "regular" symptoms during my cold, this week they all came back in full force.  Acid reflux was kind enough to give me a break, but when it returned it came back with a vengeance!  Have I mentioned before that I cannot wait for that to disappear after baby girl arrives!  The only newer symptom that I have been dealing with is lots and lots of round ligament pain.  I know that Baby E is growing a ton and that's what is causing the additional pain for me.  It's not fun, but definitely necessary.

Bumpdate:  I feel like I am honestly getting bigger by the minute!! Now that she is about 2 pounds in weight, and continue to grow bigger and bigger all the time, I know that the bump is going to be getting to the point where it is out of control! LOL!! Okay, maybe not quite yet but as we get closer to the 3rd trimester this belly is going to be getting B-I-G! 

Cravings: Of course the sweet things still sound the best to me, but this week I was SO excited about eating mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving.  I am a mashed potato nut all the time, but thinking about Thanksgiving kicked the craving into high gear! 

What I'm looking forward to:  FINALLY getting Baby E's bedding!!! The shipment was a bit delayed because of the holiday this week, but it should be here soon and I cannot wait.  It's so fun to see the nursery start coming together physically, instead of just inside my head.  The more that we get done, the less stressful I feel so it's always good when we make progress! 

Best moment this week:  I just love all her movements and kicks, it is honestly what brightens each day.  She is getting so active, it's so fun.  I love feeling her getting stronger and stronger, it reassures me that she is growing just like she should be.  It's so fun to feel her kicks and jabs in response to sounds or things that I am doing.  It's such an amazing thought to think that this beautiful little girl is really in there and growing into this perfect little person that we will meet very soon.  It melts my heart!!!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

So Much To Be Thankful For

So, I am probably going to be a day or two late on my weekly BUMPdate this week, but I did want to at least make a quick post today to share a little bit of what I am thankful for.  With today being Thanksgiving, there is no greater time to take a moment and reflect on all the wonderful blessing that God has giving me over the past year.

A year ago, Scott and I were 9 months into our TTC (trying to conceive) journey, and even though we were technically on a "break" because our focus for a few months was weight loss & not babies, I never really let our family plans take a true "backseat" in my heart or mind.  As I mentioned in my very first blog post, I had such a struggle with us not getting pregnant right away.  There was so much stress that I had in my heart thinking that this would just "never happen for us" and while I now know that was the enemy attacking me and depressing me, it was a very tough time in my life.  I remember thinking last year that all I wanted to have next year was a baby, or to be pregnant and it felt so distant and impossible to reach.  Now here we are a year later, and I am 26 weeks pregnant with a beautiful, healthy baby girl and that simple fact truly brings tears to my eyes.  In the despair that I felt a year ago, God knew all along that in less than a year we would have our miracle.  He held every prayer of mine in His hands, and in His perfect timing everything worked out  for us to get pregnant!  How amazing is our God! 

Words cannot express how thankful I am for Emma and for the healthy, easy pregnancy that I have had.  I never could have imagined or planned this pregnancy to go any better than it has gone.  We have been so blessed in that area, as well as the outpouring of love, gifts, and support from our friends and family for Emma.  I am so blown away by it all!!  To say that I am thankful would never be enough to describe how I truly feel, but it's a good place to start.  

Of course, there are many more things in my life that I am thankful for.  My amazing husband who is a constant support in my life.  He is always challenging me to be a better person, to pursue my dreams, and to grow in my relationship with the Lord.  He has been so wonderful to me while I've been pregnant, and to see his face light up talking about our baby girl makes me fall even deeper in love with him.  I am so thankful for our beautiful home that is truly God's handiwork for us to be living in it.  I am so thankful for my family who are the best support system in my life.  I also couldn't be more thankful for my truly amazing friends who have stood by my side through the years and been there for me in ways that no one else has.  I am so thankful for my job and how completely blessed I am there.  God has given me so much favor and blessing there that it's remarkable! The list of things could go on and on forever and ever, but this is just a small summary of the things that I really wanted to give God thanks for today!

Every year on Thanksgiving I am always blown away by everything that has happened in a year's time and today is no different.  I look back over this past year and I couldn't have planned things to be any better than they are.  I know sometimes I get caught up in the things we still need or don't have, but when I really take the time to think about all that I do have, WOW! I couldn't ask for anything more.  Everything I have been blessed with are things that some people search and want for their whole life long, and here I am at 24 and have so many things that I prayed for all my life.  And for all of that, I am truly, truly, THANKFUL!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

25 Week Bumpdate

We have 15 weeks (or maybe even less) until this beautiful baby girl arrives!!! I honestly cannot believe that!! It seems like just yesterday we found out about this pregnancy and now I've blinked and now we are 25 weeks into this! C-R-A-Z-Y!!! With each day that passes I get more and more excited about meeting Emma! I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and smooch her sweet baby face.  I still have moments of anxiety feeling like we are anything but ready for her arrival, but at the same time I just want her to be here.  It's so funny how that works! For now, I am just trying to enjoy every little kick, and doing all the fun preparation for her BIG arrival!

So, let's recap week 24!

Symptoms:  Last week I got a buggy cold and have been fighting to get over it for the past week, and thankfully it's almost gone.  However since I have been dealing with that it seems like my "normal" pregnancy symptoms have been taking a backseat the past week.  I haven't had barely any acid reflux which is amazing considering I haven't had a break since it started!!! I have had a lot more round ligament pain over the past week as baby E continues to grow, but it's nothing horribly unbearable (thankfully).  I have also noticed that walking up and down stairs feels like a lot more work than ever before, and it makes me feel like I big ol' out of shape preggo! Hahah :)    

Bumpdate:  Baby Emma is taking up more and more room each moment, but I absolutely love it! Comfy pants seem to be my favorite thing these days, and I absolutely couldn't live without my maternity jeans...they are super duper comfy and are the new love of my life!

Cravings: The sweet cravings continue to dominate!!! I honestly can't think of just one thing that I have really wanted this past week, but any time anyone mentions something sweet, it's just what I want to have! 

What I'm looking forward to:  We ordered Baby E's bedding and accessories this week!!! I cannot wait to get it here and start working on her room!!! It's so exciting that more and more things are coming together.  I honestly cannot wait to share it all the fun progress we make.  It is going to be so so cute!!!

Best moment this week:  Emma is getting be so active!!!! It's so fun to feel all her cute little kicks and movements in my belly!! She is so precious and it makes me smile to feel her nudging me and saying "hello"!! I feel can her cute little kicks on my belly, it's so fun.  Daddy hasn't been able to feel her yet though.  She is super stubborn when it comes to sharing her movements, every time that he puts his hand to feel her she stops moving.  Haha :)  I am sure that any day now she will give him her first little "hello" kick.  

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

24 Week Bumpdate

We've made it to the SIX month mark! How insane is that!? It's so crazy for me to think that in just 3 quick months beautiful little Emma will be here with us! Wowza! I know that those 3 months are just going to fly by, especially with the holiday season coming up! Time hast just been flying and I feel like I am going to blink and it's going to be February already!! It's super exciting to think about, but super overwhelming at the same time.  The fact that we are inching closer and closer to her debut is definitely becoming more of a reality to me all the time. I can't wait to see her adorable little face and smooch all over her!

So, let's recap week 23!

Symptoms:  As you would expect, I am still dealing with my lovely friend acid reflux! It's just become a fact of my preggo life and I am getting "used" to it now.  I am still having some minor leg and back cramps as well, but there are a few things that have been different this week.  I am really starting to notice that my feet get super tired and worn out if I am on them for a long time.  At the end of the day, all I wanna do is put my feet up and relax! I have also been dealing with a little bit more round ligament pain.  I think that Baby E is just getting bigger by the second and my belly is stretching to make some room for her!

Bumpdate:  The belly is getting bigger and bigger! I know I've said before that I cannot imagine getting bigger, but I know that's definitely going to happen whether I like it or not! LOL!
I finally bought a pair of maternity jeans and I L-O-V-E them! They are super duper comfy and give Emma lots of room! I also got some maternity tops since my regular tee's were starting to not cover all the belly!  I went to Bellies to Babies which came highly recommended to me from friends, and I absolutely recommend them to anyone!! They had such a great selection of gently used maternity clothes at great prices!! I got my pair of Old Navy jeans for $11! You just can't beat that!

Cravings: The biggest and strangest craving I had last week was for taffy! LOL!! So random! The sweets trend has definitely continued on this whole pregnancy, and taffy is clearly staying in line with that! Thankfully I have a sweet hubby who went to buy me a BIG yummy bag of salt water taffy! It totally made my day!
What I'm looking forward to:  Working more on her nursery! I cannot wait to have more things done in there and feel like more ready for her arrival.  As I've said before my perfectionist personality is having such a hard time not having everything done NOW but I know we still have time and that everything will be perfect by the time she gets here!

Best moment this week:  I'm pretty sure that I felt her first big kick on the outside of the belly!! I was laying in bed with my hand on the belly and she really gave me a big strong kick! It was so hard to tell if it really was on the outside because it felt SO strong on the inside, but I am pretty sure it was!  I haven't been able to get her to do it again, but as her movements continue to get stronger I know she is going to be giving me lots more in the next weeks.  I can't wait for her to kick so her Daddy can feel it!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project Nursery: Closet Organization

So I'm going to be a little bit late for my weekly BUMPdate! The past two nights I have had things going on, and I just didn't get a chance to get to it tonight.  I am sorry, it should be up tomorrow!! I know you all have just been stopping by anxiously waiting, right?! LOL!! :)

Until I can update you on how Baby E & I have been doing, I decided I would share with you our fun nursery purchase for this week! As I mentioned in previous posts, we still have sooooo much to do for the nursery yet, that I am kind of freaking out a little bit.  However, I was at Target the other day and happened to notice that these organization units I wanted for her closet were on SALE this week....YAY!  I convinced the husband that it was the right time to buy them!! 

They are pretty simple units but I love them! I absolutely L-O-V-E anything and everything to be as neat and organized as possible...I'm kind of OCD that way!

I didn't buy all the bins that we need for her new shelves, but I did buy one to start (gotta start somewhere, right?!) Aren't these super duper cute?! I love the two tone pink, it's perfect for our little princess.  I plan on using the bins to store all the toys that we plan on keeping in her room.  I initially wanted a cute toy box, but we don't have the space for that, but I absolutely love this option! 

I talked the hubby into putting these together for Baby E tomorrow and I can't wait to see how cute they look in her closet!! I will definitely share with you guys the final outcome...or at least how it looks put together! LOL!!

And one little last teaser...I picked up some cute paper for my first nursery DIY revamp! I won't tell you what it's for, but I will tell you it will be CUTE! 

Any ideas what it could be for??? :) 

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

23 Week Bumpdate

23 weeks!!!! Every week seems to be going by faster than the last, and we keep inching closer and closer to this little girl's arrival.  I still have the same anxiety about feeling like I need to have everything for her done NOW.  I know, I know...I need to just relax about it, but I just want to feel like we are at least moving forward with some big things.  I'm working on my to-do lists so that once we really get working on "project nursery" we can just knock things down! 

So, let's recap week 22!

Symptoms:  Everything is staying pretty much the same for me these days.  Acid reflux, leg cramps, back cramps and I are still well acquainted these days.  I think that a lack of symptoms isn't really anything to complain about though! I am happy that things are going well for baby girl and I! 

Bumpdate:  I feel bigger every day! This little girl is taking up more room each and every day! I cannot believe how much she is growing and it's crazy to think that she is really just starting her biggest growth phase yet.  Kind of crazy how much bigger she will get! I don't know if I'm ready for that! LOL!!

Cravings: Sweets are still something I really love! I have been craving pears like crazy this past week, they just sound absolutely delicious!!!    

What I'm looking forward to:  I know I mentioned this earlier, but I just cannot wait to really feel like we are making some progress on her room.  I think it will give me more peace of mind once we have something big checked off the project list.  I can't wait to make her room perfect for her big debut!!!

Best moment this week:  I looooove just feeling her big kicks and jabs! It's so absolutely amazing to feel her wiggling around in there.  I still cannot wrap my mind around the amazing fact that she is growing inside there and I am responsible for her well being right now.  How awesome is that?! God's amazing creation leaves me speechless! I am so honored that He has blessed us with this beautiful little girl! 

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

22 Week Bumpdate

It seems so unreal to be at 22 weeks pregnant!!! I know I say this every week and I sound like a broken record, but it is just going by so, so fast! We have a million things to get done for this little girl and haven’t started on one thing for her nursery! My perfectionist personality is having a really hard time dealing with this! I just want to knock it all out NOW and have it done! I know what you’re thinking, “take a chill pill Kimmy”, but I just cannot help it!  The plan is to really knock things out next month before the holiday busy-ness really hits us, and I am hoping that we can get a huge chunk of Emma’s nursery done by then.  For now, I will try not hit the panic button! LOL!!

So, let's recap week 21!

Symptoms:  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my symptoms aren’t really changing too much.  Acid Reflux and I are still besties, and minor back and leg cramps are hanging around too. I won’t complain because I guess a lack of symptoms isn’t really a bad thing!

Bumpdate:  The bump is getting B-I-G! I am wearing my belly band with all my pants now, and I am almost outgrowing the comfort of that.  Soon and very soon I will need some actual maternity pants.  Baby girl is getting bigger each day, but I love it!

Cravings:  This week I have been craving anything WATERMELON hard core! Someone commented on my weekly vlog last week that it may help with acid reflux.  Well it didn’t but it sure is delicious! I found this watermelon sherbet at the grocery store the other day and gobbled the whole pint down like in 2 days.  Shameful…yes, but delicious none the less!!! Honestly I am drooling thinking about it right now and I have no idea why!

What I'm looking forward to:  Working on her nursery and getting things in order for this little girl! I cannot wait to have her room together and have the piece of mind that the biggest chunk of what we need for her arrival is done.

Best moment this week:  Emma is moving SO much these days, it’s really fun to feel her kicking and punching in there.  It’s so sweet to feel her little movements! It is what I look forward to most every day!! She is super active any time after I eat, and then usually around 9ish at night.  I cannot wait to get to feel her movements on the outside.  Her Daddy is waiting to for her first “Hello!” kick, it’s pretty cute and I cannot wait for him to feel her little kicks!  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

21 Week Bumpdate

The weeks seem to be going by so fast and I just cannot believe it! Before I know it this beautiful baby girl will be here with us and that kind of freaks me out, and by kind of I mean completely! LOL!! I know we still l have more than enough time to get everything ready for her, but I feel like we have so much to do and I haven't even started any of it! Can time slow down for just a little bit more?!

So, let's recap week 20!

Symptoms:  I don't think that my symptoms are going to change too much in the near future.  All the same things that I have been dealing with, just keep sticking around.  Acid reflux, back aches, and leg cramps are just my best friends!!! 

Bumpdate:  I honestly feel like I am getting bigger each day! Even if that's not really the case, it kind of seems that way.  Baby girl is starting to take up more room in there, and it's kind of crazy to watch her grow in the belly! I know we are just a little over halfway there, but I cannot believe how big she is going to get.  Wowza!!!!

Cravings: I haven't really had any one thing that I have been craving this week. The only thing that sounded absolutely ah-mazing to me that I just had to make was homemade banana bread! I don't know if that was pregnancy related or just Kimmy related, but it's nice to have an "excuse" for the things I just have to have!   

What I'm looking forward to:  I really cannot wait to get to work on Emma's nursery!! I have everything picked out, we just need to start ordering it, painting it, and putting it together.  I just cannot wait to make her room the perfect place for our little princess!!

Best moment this week:  Emma's little nudges have turned into full on kicks and jabs!! They aren't super hard but they are definitely stronger than they ever have been.  It is so fun to start to realize her patterns of movement and really feel her moving around in there.  I cannot wait to start feeling her movements on the outside so she can give her Daddy a little "Hello" kick!! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

20 Week Bumpdate

TWENTY WEEKS PREGNANT! How crazy does that sound? I cannot believe that I am halfway through this pregnancy already, the weeks seem to be just flying by.  Before we know it this beautiful little girl will be here with us, and that is so exciting, yet so overwhelming all at the same time.  I am anything but ready for her to get here! I just want to freeze time for a little bit so I can scramble and get everything together that we need for her! Only 20 weeks left....YIKES!! :)

So, let's recap week 19!

Symptoms:  Same old same with my "bestie" acid relux! We are just getting more acquainted with each other every day! LOL!! Acid reflux has been joined by their good friend, leg and back cramps, and we are just having a grand ol' time together.  Honestly, it really isn't all that bad, but it's not something I look forward to.  However, every little thing I deal with is so worth it! 

Bumpdate:  The belly is growing bigger and bigger all the time!!! Baby Emma is starting to take up more and more room each day.  I just can't believe that I am going to be getting a whole lot bigger than this! I feel big already! LOL! :)

Cravings:  Everything and anything sweet!!! This baby girl must have sweet tooth because I am loving desserts and anything sugary! 

What I'm looking forward to: I cannot wait to start to working on her nursery!! We have bedding picked out and I can't wait to paint and work on lots of projects for her room!!!!!! I have so many fun ideas and I just wanna get working on them.  It's going to be just darling!

Best moment this week:  Finding out that we are having a little baby GIRL!! We definitely both thought it was a BOY so we were very, very surprised but so thrilled!!! It is so wonderful to get to call her by her name, EMMA CHARLOTTE, and to really start talking about her in a more "real" sense since we get to really plan for her arrival now.  It's so cute to hear Scott talk about her and how he is already nervous because he knows she is going to melt his heart and wrap him around her little fingers.  I cannot wait to dress her up in big girly bows and outfits, and just smooch all over her sweet baby lips! I just cannot believe God has blessed us with a beautiful baby girl! 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Gender Reveal!!!!

Today we have our anatomy scan and got to see little baby!!! We have a for sure answer about if we are TEAM PINK or TEAM BLUE!! :)

We are so happy and blessed!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boy or Girl? Old Wives Tales Edition!

So,  I thought it would be fun to test some Old Wives Tales and see what won out BOY or GIRL!! Check out my video to see what it said and leave me your vote on what you think Baby Dodge's gender will be!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

19 Week Bumpdate

19 weeks, seriously where is the time going?! I cannot believe in ONE week we will be halfway through this pregnancy! That is completely banana's to me! Nevertheless it is so exciting to be getting further along and in the next few weeks we will start prepping the nursery for this sweet little one! 

So, let's recap week 18!

Symptoms:  Well my old friend acid reflux is still around and kicking, but it has eased up a bit this week.  And by ease up I mean still being there but not every day...thankfully!!  The only other thing I have been having is leg cramps at night when I am trying to lay in one position in bed for a long time.  I am not sure if it's just the being still part that causes it, but that's the only time of the day I really get them. Thankfully this was an easy week for symptoms, well who I am kidding here this whole pregnancy has been fairly easy symptoms wise.  Praise God for that!!

Bumpdate:  Baby just keeps growing and growing! My pants are getting tighter in the belly and I pretty much wear my belly band with every single pair of pants now.  I am definitely going to need to stock up here soon on some maternity pants.

Cravings:  I have just been SO thirsty this week! Nothing food wise has been calling my name, but I just could drink juice, milk, or water all day long.  Maybe it's this random October heat wave that is causing it who knows?! 

What I'm looking forward to: Is it Friday yet?!! I can hardly stand that we are only TWO days away from seeing this beautiful little baby!!! I cannot imagine how adorable they must look now and I cannot wait to find out if we are on team pink or team blue.  I still think it's a BOY so we will see if my gut hunch is right! 

Best moment this week:  Feeling baby's movements getting stronger! I cannot wait for more consistent kicks and punches throughout the day.  I think I felt something close a kick the other day, but they are still more nudges than anything else.  Soon and very soon they will be announcing to the world that they are inside and active! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Registry...I want your tips!!!

We are registering for Baby Dodge on Friday after we find out the gender of this little one and I want your advice! Since I am too lazy to write out all my thoughts, just watch the video I shared on my YouTube and leave me your tips!!! I cannot wait to register for this babe, I've been looking forward to it for a while!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

18 Week Bumpdate

I cannot believe that I'm only 2 weeks away from the halfway point! How in the world can that be?! I feel like time is just flying by and this baby is going to be here before we know it.  I am loving having a more "real" BUMP and having people clearly notice that this little one is taking up room in this belly as the continue to grow more and more each day!

So, let's recap week 17!

Symptoms:  I feel like a broken record with this, but acid reflux, acid reflux, and more acid reflux.  I've just decided that this is going to be sticking around for the rest of this pregnancy, and I am alright with that.  Some of these things are just part of the package deal, right?  Other than that, I have started to have a few backaches, and leg cramps.  From what I've read that's also part of the deal in the stage, thankfully it's not anything that is completely unbearable. 

Bumpdate:  Baby is definitely taking up more and more space in there, and I feel like I am getting bigger every day.  I am loving that the bump is rounding out and looking like a pregnant belly! YAY!

Cravings:  I have been going through phases of cravings! Early in my pregnancy I craved salad's hard core, I just couldn't get enough, then I switched to pasta's and wanted that seemingly all the time.  Now, I am back to salad! I just love a big hearty salad nothing sounds more delish to me!

What I'm looking forward to: Next week and the big gender reveal!!! I cannot wait to see baby all formed and looking like an itty bitty one!!! Last time we saw the babe they were just an little bean, so it's going to be so great to see what they look like now and find out if we are team pink or team blue.  I still think it's a BOY so we will see if my gut hunch is right! 

Best moment this week:  Baby is getting more active, and even though I don't feel it all day, every day they are becoming stronger nudges instead of just little flutters. I cannot wait for more solid kicks and bumps from this sweet little baby! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

17 Week Bumpdate

I'm totally looking pregnant now right?! I feel like the BUMP is pooping and it's clear that I'm pregnant and not just overdoing the donuts! LOL!! I cannot believe I'm at 17 weeks pregnant! Ekkk!! I know most first time Mommy's to be are always anxious and want time to fly by, but I'm not wanting this pregnancy to speed up any faster than it is going already.  I obviously cannot wait to see this precious babe, but I am okay with it taking time to get there.  We have SO much to figure out still for baby, and will need all the time in can get to sort through it before baby comes.

So, let's recap week 16!

Symptoms:  Acid Reflux night and day! I cannot seem to get away from this thing!! It doesn't matter what I eat, it always seems to pop up and say "HELLO!!".  I just have a feeling that this is going to stick around for awhile...and by awhile I mean until this kid comes out! LOL!

Bumpdate:  Hellllllo baby bump!!! Yup, there's a baby in there and it's starting to show! I am using my belly band on all my pants since almost all of them don't button any more.  I will definitely need to get some maternity pants soon! 

Cravings:  CANDY!! I have been craving candy since this weekend, and I went to the grocery store yesterday and couldn't resist buying two HUGE bags of Halloween candy.  You should seen my husband's face, he couldn't believe that I bought so much.  It just all sounded so good to me!

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out if it's a boy or girl!!! I seriously cannot wait to know and start getting all their room and clothes together!

Best moment this week:  Baby's flutters are turning into baby nudges and bumps!!!  No solid kicks yet or strong movements yet, but they are getting more consistent and stronger each day.  I can't wait for a REAL kick to get me! :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

16 Week Bumpdate

16 weeks, 4 months pregnant! How craaaazy is that?! I feel like the past month flew by and soon enough we will be approaching the 20 week mark!  I want time to go by fast because I can't wait to meet this sweet little one, but yet I am terrified that it's going to go by way too fast and I want it slow down.  Pregnancy is definitely the ultimate catch 22! :)

So, let's recap week 15!

Symptoms:  Can we say ACID REFLUX?! If there is one main symptom from this past week, that would be the theme.  It has been anything but fun, and it seems like it doesn't really matter what I eat because it all ends in the same result.  It has been on and off for the past week and I would love for it to disappear, but I have heard that it something that might stick around for the rest of the time that baby is in there cooking. 

Bumpdate:  I feel like we have a "real" bump! Today was the first time someone actually commented to me that I am obviously showing.  I did finally have to get a belly band to help me get into some of my smaller sized pants because they just wouldn't button anymore.  I am excited to be looking more obviously pregnant!!!

Cravings:  Not too many things this week, chocolate and sweets have been hitting me on and off, but then I will want some dill pickle chips so it's kind of a mixed bag!!! LOL!!  

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out if it's a boy or girl!!! I seriously cannot wait to know and feeling baby really kick and move!

Best moment this week:  Getting the crib and changer and putting them in the room!! It's starting to feel like a nursery! Also, I finally felt my first baby flutters this week!!!  YAY! I kind of doubted it was the baby at first, but then I kept feeling similar things on and off so I knew it just had to be the baby!!! Definitely the best thing I have experienced to date in this pregnancy!

Friday, September 9, 2011

so much more than it seems....

To many in this world, the two large boxes sitting on the floor in what is to be our baby's nursery would appear simply average and normal, just like another other package that one would receive.  However, today as I sat there looking at those boxes on the floor, to me it was so much more than that.  I can't tell you how many times when we were trying to conceive that I would sit in that empty room and dream of the day that would be working to make it into a nursery for our sweet little one.  Many times I would sit there, holding back tears wishing that I was doing so much more than just dreaming and wishing for a baby.  As I mentioned in my first post, the year plus of time that we tried for a baby came with many ups and downs.  In those times that I would sit in that empty barren room, I felt that it was a reflection of what was going on in our lives right at that moment.  I knew that someday all the things I was dreaming about would becoming a reality, but it felt like an eternity away.  Today looking at those boxes, I felt like it was a part of my dream coming to life before my eyes.  Those ugly brown boxes represent many hours of dreaming come to reality.  There are times when I still cannot believe that God has answered my prayer for a baby, and we are preparing for our sweet little angels arrival.  

As I began to hang up what is the beginning on many clothes to come for baby Dodge, it was a simple and sweet moment that I know I won't ever forget.  Again, another completely mundane task for many, but it was another answer to my heart's desire that has been many months in the making.  I can't help but sit and treasure every little outfit, and dream of how sweet and adorable baby is going to look in them.  I think of how their cute little face will look, and how I can't wait to squeeze them and kiss them.  I think of the mornings when Daddy will be getting them dressed in these clothes, and of the night times where I will get to snuggle them close and rock them to sleep kissing their sweet little baby hands, and my heart is completely over joyed.  I can't wait to continue to work on this nursery, and make it the perfect home for this sweet little answer to our prayers.  I plan to fully treasure each and every moment. 

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