Monday, February 25, 2013

We Need YOUR Help!

I know I am a terrible blogger and have neglected this sweet little page lately!  I honestly cannot find the time to put together my thoughts in the way that I would like, so I have just stayed away instead of posting something that doesn't have my heart and soul behind it.

Another HUGE reason why I haven't (and don't) post here is that I am a Mommy Vlogger and share our life on YouTube, so the majority of my time sharing about my life as is Mommy is spent there.  I would love for you to check out our channel and subscriber if you are a YouTuber.

This whole topic brings me to the point I made in the header - we need YOUR help!  We are currently in the running for Top 25 Mommy Vloggers over at Circle of Mom's website.  SUCH a huge honor! We are up against some powerhouse YouTube Mom's with HUGE subscriber bases, so our little channel is doing great holding it's own against these big names.  I would love your support by voting for us in the competition.  We are currently #8 and need every bit of help to stay there.

Voting is simple, you don't have to sign up or log in, it's literally a simple 2 second click and you're done!  You can  vote once every 24 hours until March 13th and I would LOVE your vote each day!

Thank you in advance!!!

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