Saturday, September 29, 2012

Seven Months Old

My sweet little Emma,

I cannot believe that we are over the half year mark, and you are now SEVEN months old.  Don't you remember the deal we made where I said you couldn't grow up too fast?! What is happening here?! Each month brings so many new adventures, as you become your own little person more and more each day.  I beam with pride over all the new things you accomplish each month, but my heart can't help but feel a little sad that you are growing so fast.  I suppose this is something that Mommy will deal with your entire life though.

You are learning so much about life and your sweet little giggle and smiles show it.  You find playing by yourself and learning about all your toys to be so enjoyable.  We often hear you playing by yourself and laughing in delight as you pickup and toss each toy after chewing on it & observing it contently for a few minutes.  You officially LOVE sitting up like a big kid to play, and so far hate it when we try to make you play on your tummy and learn to crawl.  I assume you are wanting to enjoy the mastery of sitting up, since it was hard work to learn, and don't like us trying to make you do something new... at least not yet.

You are very vocal now about what you like and don't well as who you like and don't like.  Mommy is still your favorite person of all, and I not so secretly (still) LOVE that!! You are very cautious about new places and people, and grab on tightly to me until you feel good enough about everyone else.  I love that you still need me the most, and I try to treasure that for as long as I can, because I am well aware that it a fleeting moment in time.

You love to eat, and meal time is your favorite time! You squeal with delight and get very unhappy waiting in your high chair as we prep your food.  You want the food shoveled in bite after bite, and you let us know if we are doing it too slow for your liking.  It is so cute to see your sweet messy face at each meal! You love banging your spoon and trying to feed yourself.   It's so cute watching you try to figure out how we do it, and try to replicate that yourself.

You still have the sweetest and calmest demeanor, and you make life on Mommy & Daddy quite easy. Sure you have your fussy moments, what baby doesn't, but even in your fussy moments we can get you to smile seconds after crying.  The fussy moments usually don't last too long!

You love trying to play like a big girl, and always want to be standing up and holding on to toys or things. Daddy & I think you may just walk before you crawl sometimes! :)  You love to talk and scream when you are having fun, or really just any time you're awake.  Daddy is a little afraid that he now has two chatterboxes on his hands!  I love listening to your sweet little voice try to figure out new sounds and put them together.

Emma, we love you so much and we truly thank God all the time for blessing us with you.  It's a joy to raise you as you grow each and every day, and we will always treasure that responsibility.  We love you baby girl!

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