Friday, July 27, 2012

Three Months Old!

**I wrote this post way back when she was 3 month old but totally forgot to publish it! OOPS! :)***

Dear Emma,

Another month has vanished into thin air and I cannot believe how fast you are growing up.  You are constantly changing daily before my eyes and I feel like my itty bitty baby that I brought home just months ago is no where to be found these days.  You have learned so much this past month and your adorable little personality is becoming more and more evident these days.  It is so fun to watch you grow and discover the world around you.  Everything you do is just so cute and fun, it brings so much joy to your Daddy and I.

This month you learned how to roll over and it was such an exciting accomplishment, more for Mommy than for you, but exciting none the less.  The first time you did it I screamed with delight and all your reaction was simply a blank stare at me trying to figure out why I thought that was so exciting.  At first you needed our help to do it, but now you have mastered the skill of rolling over and automatically do it nearly every time we put you on your tummy.  You learned to play and interact with your toys and you  have mastered the holding of your rattle, minus the fact that you still tend to unintentionally hit yourself with it.

You continue to talk all the time and let us know what your thinking about in all your little baby babbles.  You like it when we talk back to you and you try to continue the conversation with us.  You love looking at books and studying the colors and pictures in them when we are reading to you.  You are constantly taking in the things around you especially when we adventure out into the world around us.  You quietly study it all and try to figure things out, it's so cute to watch your little eyes go back and forth observing everything aroung you.

You are growing stronger all the time and you are happiest when we are holding you up and letting you "stand".  You love to work out your legs and act like a big girl, and even sitting like a big girl makes you the happiest.  You just wanna grow up too fast and Mommy's not ready for it!! Just promise me you won't start crawling super early?! :)

This month you found your thumb and have become an avid thumb sucker.  It's so cute to watch you spit out your nuk and delightfully suck your thumb as you fall asleep.  It's precious and every one melts when they see you do it because you are just so cute!! At first, you would cover your whole face with your hand in order to get to your thumb, but you are figured out how to move your hands around your nose to get just the thumb but still look around. 

You are still the happiest and most easy going baby I've ever been around.  You barely cry but when you do Mommy seems to have the magic touch to calm you down, even better than Daddy.  I (not so) secretly love that!!!

You are constantly changing all the time and as wonderful as it is to watch you grow, I am sad that time keeps flying by!!

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