Monday, August 13, 2012

Six Months Old

Dear Emma,

I feel like I start off each monthly post this way, but I honestly cannot believe you are SIX months old! You are officially at the half year mark and if the next 6 months go by as quickly as the first did, I just don't know what I am going to do with myself! I feel like I blink and you have grown in leaps and bound, and even though that is the greatest pleasure I have in being your Mommy, I wish I could freeze time for a few moments to soak in all your littleness before it passed by.

You are constantly growing and changing into your own little person day by day and I adore seeing your little personality blossom.  You are such a sweet baby and you truly bring so much joy to those around you.  There is not much in life that phases you and you take each new day with a smile on your face and a sweet, calm demeanor that truly astounds every one.  No one can grasp just how peaceful you are!  They always think it's strange to see such a well behaved baby who rarely cries and truly embraces each moment with joy, but to your Daddy and I it is no surprise.  We covered you in prayer each day that you formed in my belly and spoke peace, joy, calmness, and happiness over your life and you are living proof of those words.

You are learning so many new things each day and it is so fun to watch you discover!  You love to play with all your toys, especially the exersaucer, and you love to make lots of noise when you are in it.  You have really found your voice lately and have chosen to express yourself with the loudest squeals possible.  It is so funny to watch your sweet little face light up with excitement as you screech and squeal over every little thing.  You are learning to sit up on your own like a big girl and play, and you beam with pride when we dote on this accomplishment!  You are still learning the ins and outs of balance, but it's precious to see you teeter as you figure it all out.

You love to eat and it is probably your favorite time of the day! Each time I place you in your Bumbo chair and put your bib on the squeaks and squeals are endless.  I can never get it all ready fast enough and you sit with your mouth open waiting for me to shovel in the meal of the day.  I love watching your fun expressions as you try new foods for the first time.  You may not always like it at first, but you are willing to give it a go and haven't had one thing that you haven't finished yet.  You are constantly trying to snag our food like a big kid, but we keep telling you that will have to wait a few more months.

When it comes to your love for Mommy and Daddy, we each have different roles in your heart.  Daddy is your playtime buddy and you love goofing around with him,.  He can get you to giggle a lot easier than I can, which isn't always fair, but it sure is cute to see how you love playing with him so much.  Mommy is the one you turn to when things aren't going the way you want.  You always choose me over Daddy when you are tired and fussy, or just want some cuddling and I couldn't love that any more.  It makes me so happy that you find me the most comforting.  My favorite time of the day with you is rocking you to sleep as you snuggle into my arms and slowly drift off into dream world.  I try to soak each night in and lock it into my memory bank since I know that this is just a brief moment in time where you will let me do this.

Emma, we love you so very much and you bring so much happiness to our lives.  I cannot believe how quickly you are growing! I love that each new month brings new adventures, and I cannot wait to see what the next has in store!

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ruffledsnob said...

awww this is so cute! love all that you are embracing as a mom. you guys are so wonderful with Emma, she is so very blessed! love to you all xoxo

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