Sunday, December 11, 2011

28 Week Bumpdate

I cannot believe we reached the THIRD TRIMESTER milestone this week!!! Honestly, I cannot believe how quickly time continues to fly on by! We are now 12 weeks (or less) from this sweet little girl's arrival and while I am truly excited about meeting her, I am definitely not ready!!  I know someone, someway everything will come together perfectly before she gets here, but right now I am starting to fall a little bit in to panic mode! 

So, let's recap week 27!

Symptoms:  Overall, I still feeling pretty darn good each day.  Of course, acid reflux is getting more and more annoying as Baby E gets bigger every day, but I this point in time I just have accepted that it's a part of every day life till she comes.  I am starting to get super tired again, and I know that will only keep on as she gets bigger and bigger! Honestly though, I have been SO blessed for the past 28 weeks with how truly easy this pregnancy has gone.  For that, I give God all the glory!! I prayed and believed for a wonderful, easy pregnancy and He has MORE than answered that prayer!

Bumpdate: From what I hear, I have really POPPED out recently!  Baby E is not shy about letting the world know that she is in there and growing every day.  I officially cannot see my toes any more when I am standing up, and the bump is definitely prohibiting me from doing things that used to be fairly easy.

Cravings: PUDDING! Again with the sweets I know, but last week I really, really craved some pudding hard core! This little girl really, really loves her sweets...or at I am blaming her for all these cravings! :) 

What I'm looking forward to:  Working more and more on her nursery, and really starting to prep for her arrival.  I am such a perfectionist about getting things done waaay in advance, so I am already starting to prep final check lists and to-do's for the next 12 weeks.

Best moment this week:  FINALLY picking out her paint color, even though we are going to wait until after the first of the year to paint her room, it's nice to have it all figured out.  And of course, all her cute little movements! I love feeling her wiggle and roll around in my belly! She is so precious! 

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

3rd trimester? woohoo! She will be here in no time! I'm sure you will get it all done! :)

Modern Momma said...

Lol, I love the pudding craving! A few weeks ago, I wanted nothing but instant banana pudding! :) As for being in the 3rd trimester...congrats! We're sooo close now! If only I could make it through the holidays without eating too much good food and getting a talking to by my midwives for weight gain, lol! :)

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