Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today was Emma's Due Date!

Dear Emma,

Today was your official due date! If you had asked me at the beginning of this month if I would have made it to this date and still be pregnant with you, I would have definitely said "YES!"  I never anticipated that you would arrive early, and in my mind I thought that if you did it would only be a few days before your due date. 

I was anything but ready for you to come the day that I went into labor but as I look back now I am so happy that you came when you did.  God knew and planned the exact perfect time for you to be born, and even though I wasn't quite ready He knew it was best that we meet you the day that we did. I am so happy now that I didn't have to go through the last few weeks of pregnancy! I was starting to feel very "over" the whole thing right about the day you came! Your birth day was the perfect day for us to meet you! 

As I woke up very early this very snowy morning to feed you and snuggle you, I was so thankful that instead of anxiously awaiting your arrival I was holding you in my arms.  You are the greatest gift that I have ever received in my life and I am beyond blessed to be your Mommy.  You are an absolute answer to all my prayers and as you continue to grow up I cannot wait to tell you about what a miracle you are to me and how much your Daddy and I prayed for you.  God perfectly crafted you in His hands and made you to be the perfect little person that I get to call my daughter and each day I am in awe of His amazing handiwork.  You are my precious little princess and I cannot wait to watch you grow! But for now, I am more than content to snuggle your sweet little baby face in my arms and treasure each moment of your newness in life. 

I love you more than words could ever say!

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Erica Castillo of Mi Todo said...

Yeay, you're so lucky you had her early! I don't even know how I'm going to make it through the next 11 days til my due date, and I definitely have that feeling that she's gonna make we wait even longer.

Tina said...

yes, children are definetely sweet little gifts from God! SWEET POST :) little girl is still cooking for me.. due date is in 10Agh!can't wait to cuddle up with this blessing!!!

Tina said...

10 days*

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