Sunday, January 15, 2012

33 Week Bumpdate

33 weeks sound so overwhelming far along in pregnancy, it’s kind of blowing my mind.  I am trying to not let the overwhelming feeling over take me too much, but it’s kind of hard to not be overwhelmed by everything that we still have yet to do/buy for this sweet little girl.  I know somehow it will all get done, and even if it doesn’t it will be okay, but my OCD personality is really having a hard time settling on that fact.  I just feel like 7 weeks is far too short a time! LOL!! Maybe that sounds ridiculous to you, but since I am always Ms. 10 steps ahead of everything it’s honestly freaking me out a bit.  On the other hand, the reality of seeing our sweet little girl in a very short time is really starting to get me super excited!! I cannot wait to see her sweet face and smooch all over her! I know that the minute she is here in my arms everything else that feels so important to me right now, will just fade away and figure itself out.

So, let's recap week 32!

Symptoms: My perpetual symptoms have continued to hang around, and I am confident at this point that until I pop out this little darling nothing much is going to change.  Acid reflux is truly my nemesis and honestly some times feels like it is out to get me! I am so looking forward to not having to deal with that anymore, it’s my #1 thing I am looking forward to most.  Other than the usual, I am starting to have more leg cramps while sleeping which makes it difficult to find a comfortable position from time to time.   Mostly, I cannot really complain though, things have been going smooth!

Bumpdate: The belly is getting rounder and rounder by the minute (or so I feel).  This little girl makes me feel like I am smuggling some bowling balls or something in there! LOL!! Having this bump is definitely making it harder to breathe especially going up and down stairs or walking for a long time.  Thankfully I can still tie my own shoes, but I am thinking that responsibility is going to fall to Scott here in the next couple weeks as I am finding it harder each time.

Cravings: I am finding that my cravings kind of go in patterns.  I still love sweets of course, but I am back to wanting big yummy salads! Nothing sounds more delicious around lunch time to me! I am finding that I am getting to be more and more hungry especially at night time.  I am waking up again early in the morning or in the middle of the night with a rumbling stomach. I could honestly eat a meal at that time, but I am usually so exhausted that I force myself back to sleep…not sure how long Emma will let me do that though as she continues to pack on that cute baby chub that I will get to squeeze soon!

What I'm looking forward to:  FINALLY getting our rocking glider! It should be here this week and I am so excited about having it.  It’s one of the last BIG pieces that we need for her nursery and I think having it there will make me feel a bit more at ease that things are coming together, where or not it’s at the pace that I like, it’s happening and that’s all that matters right?!

Best moment this week:  Getting to tour the hospital where we will be delivering baby girl at!! It was so exciting/weird to see everything first hand, it really made her arrival feel like it will be here soon! We couldn't be happier about where we will have her.  Not only is it close to home, but they are just finishing a complete re-model of the birth center and nearly all the rooms are completely upgraded and brand new.  It was so surreal to tour everything, and when we were leaving I told Scott that the next time we leave there, we will be leaving WITH our little girl.  WOW! That is for sure a crazy thought!

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Haley said...

Look at that baby belly! I love it! And don't sweat it if you don't have every little thing done before she gets here (yes, i know, easier said than done.. I've been there!).. now is when I would HIGHLY advise you to relax as much as possible. :) And rocking gliders are the best.. I still rock Clara almost every day/night in ours. :)

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