Wednesday, October 5, 2011

19 Week Bumpdate

19 weeks, seriously where is the time going?! I cannot believe in ONE week we will be halfway through this pregnancy! That is completely banana's to me! Nevertheless it is so exciting to be getting further along and in the next few weeks we will start prepping the nursery for this sweet little one! 

So, let's recap week 18!

Symptoms:  Well my old friend acid reflux is still around and kicking, but it has eased up a bit this week.  And by ease up I mean still being there but not every day...thankfully!!  The only other thing I have been having is leg cramps at night when I am trying to lay in one position in bed for a long time.  I am not sure if it's just the being still part that causes it, but that's the only time of the day I really get them. Thankfully this was an easy week for symptoms, well who I am kidding here this whole pregnancy has been fairly easy symptoms wise.  Praise God for that!!

Bumpdate:  Baby just keeps growing and growing! My pants are getting tighter in the belly and I pretty much wear my belly band with every single pair of pants now.  I am definitely going to need to stock up here soon on some maternity pants.

Cravings:  I have just been SO thirsty this week! Nothing food wise has been calling my name, but I just could drink juice, milk, or water all day long.  Maybe it's this random October heat wave that is causing it who knows?! 

What I'm looking forward to: Is it Friday yet?!! I can hardly stand that we are only TWO days away from seeing this beautiful little baby!!! I cannot imagine how adorable they must look now and I cannot wait to find out if we are on team pink or team blue.  I still think it's a BOY so we will see if my gut hunch is right! 

Best moment this week:  Feeling baby's movements getting stronger! I cannot wait for more consistent kicks and punches throughout the day.  I think I felt something close a kick the other day, but they are still more nudges than anything else.  Soon and very soon they will be announcing to the world that they are inside and active! 

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