Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Registry...I want your tips!!!

We are registering for Baby Dodge on Friday after we find out the gender of this little one and I want your advice! Since I am too lazy to write out all my thoughts, just watch the video I shared on my YouTube and leave me your tips!!! I cannot wait to register for this babe, I've been looking forward to it for a while!!


Jayden's mom said...

Here is the thing... every baby is SO different, they may like one nuk and hate the other, or hate them all. Same with bottles. I had about $100 worth of Avent Bottles and nuk's. Jayden HATED them! After trying a few other kinds, I found he LOVED the nuk brand bottles since it was closest to breastfeeding but hated nuk brand nuks. He to the day will only use MAMI brand. I love my moby wrap, or the idea of that type of carrier... its just super hard to put on alone. The slings hurt my shoulders!

My must haves:
Boppy Pillow*
Play yard
Walker or Exersaucer*
Swing (non-battery operated if possible)*
Baby Tub (I bought the sling that went in the tub and then later bought a baby tub. it saves a lot of water if you get a baby tub instead of filling your tub up!)
Bouncy/Vibrating Seat*
*-things I couldn't imagine life without

Don't throw tags or receipts away until you know it will fit or they like it. Even with tags off, most places take them back! I also regret washing everything early like most sites suggest. Once they are washed or warn they can't take them back.

Crunchy Mama said...

Okay. I agree....every baby is SO different. For example Brynnley HATES her swing...but other babies LOVE it.

Things I love:
moby wrap
boppy pillow
cloth diapers (saved us a fortune)
diaper bag with ROOM, not pockets
gripe water (all natural gas relief)
I have NOT used our stupid pack n' play at ALL.
i've heard rockin' play sleepers are AMAZING.
bumbo!!! - LOVE
sophie the teething giraffe!
detergent!! -weird i know (or you can always make your own baby safe detergent)
large swaddling blankets

The things I love most are based around breast feeding...because thats what I had the most problems with. I couldn't live without:
nursing cover
pump in style advance (expensive, but I.LOVE.IT)
nursing pads (hemp are amazing)
LANOLIN (the first week is brutal)
nipple shield (for those babies with shallow latch. I wish someone would have told me about it BEFORE i got mastitis twice)
Dr. Brown Bottles

also, I wouldn't recommend taking the tags off of the clothes. until AFTER baby arrives. I heard that from everyone, yet couldn't resist. I now have at least 20 outfits brynny never got to wear, because they were too small!

Good luck :)

Baby Registry Tips said...

Here you go, top priority items on registry:
Car seats
Crib mattress
Burp clothes
Baby carrier
Diaper bag
Hope it helps!

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