Saturday, November 12, 2011

24 Week Bumpdate

We've made it to the SIX month mark! How insane is that!? It's so crazy for me to think that in just 3 quick months beautiful little Emma will be here with us! Wowza! I know that those 3 months are just going to fly by, especially with the holiday season coming up! Time hast just been flying and I feel like I am going to blink and it's going to be February already!! It's super exciting to think about, but super overwhelming at the same time.  The fact that we are inching closer and closer to her debut is definitely becoming more of a reality to me all the time. I can't wait to see her adorable little face and smooch all over her!

So, let's recap week 23!

Symptoms:  As you would expect, I am still dealing with my lovely friend acid reflux! It's just become a fact of my preggo life and I am getting "used" to it now.  I am still having some minor leg and back cramps as well, but there are a few things that have been different this week.  I am really starting to notice that my feet get super tired and worn out if I am on them for a long time.  At the end of the day, all I wanna do is put my feet up and relax! I have also been dealing with a little bit more round ligament pain.  I think that Baby E is just getting bigger by the second and my belly is stretching to make some room for her!

Bumpdate:  The belly is getting bigger and bigger! I know I've said before that I cannot imagine getting bigger, but I know that's definitely going to happen whether I like it or not! LOL!
I finally bought a pair of maternity jeans and I L-O-V-E them! They are super duper comfy and give Emma lots of room! I also got some maternity tops since my regular tee's were starting to not cover all the belly!  I went to Bellies to Babies which came highly recommended to me from friends, and I absolutely recommend them to anyone!! They had such a great selection of gently used maternity clothes at great prices!! I got my pair of Old Navy jeans for $11! You just can't beat that!

Cravings: The biggest and strangest craving I had last week was for taffy! LOL!! So random! The sweets trend has definitely continued on this whole pregnancy, and taffy is clearly staying in line with that! Thankfully I have a sweet hubby who went to buy me a BIG yummy bag of salt water taffy! It totally made my day!
What I'm looking forward to:  Working more on her nursery! I cannot wait to have more things done in there and feel like more ready for her arrival.  As I've said before my perfectionist personality is having such a hard time not having everything done NOW but I know we still have time and that everything will be perfect by the time she gets here!

Best moment this week:  I'm pretty sure that I felt her first big kick on the outside of the belly!! I was laying in bed with my hand on the belly and she really gave me a big strong kick! It was so hard to tell if it really was on the outside because it felt SO strong on the inside, but I am pretty sure it was!  I haven't been able to get her to do it again, but as her movements continue to get stronger I know she is going to be giving me lots more in the next weeks.  I can't wait for her to kick so her Daddy can feel it!

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jennabennabear said...

Your belly looks adorable & im so glad you went to bellies to babies & liked it!

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