Saturday, November 19, 2011

25 Week Bumpdate

We have 15 weeks (or maybe even less) until this beautiful baby girl arrives!!! I honestly cannot believe that!! It seems like just yesterday we found out about this pregnancy and now I've blinked and now we are 25 weeks into this! C-R-A-Z-Y!!! With each day that passes I get more and more excited about meeting Emma! I cannot wait to hold her in my arms and smooch her sweet baby face.  I still have moments of anxiety feeling like we are anything but ready for her arrival, but at the same time I just want her to be here.  It's so funny how that works! For now, I am just trying to enjoy every little kick, and doing all the fun preparation for her BIG arrival!

So, let's recap week 24!

Symptoms:  Last week I got a buggy cold and have been fighting to get over it for the past week, and thankfully it's almost gone.  However since I have been dealing with that it seems like my "normal" pregnancy symptoms have been taking a backseat the past week.  I haven't had barely any acid reflux which is amazing considering I haven't had a break since it started!!! I have had a lot more round ligament pain over the past week as baby E continues to grow, but it's nothing horribly unbearable (thankfully).  I have also noticed that walking up and down stairs feels like a lot more work than ever before, and it makes me feel like I big ol' out of shape preggo! Hahah :)    

Bumpdate:  Baby Emma is taking up more and more room each moment, but I absolutely love it! Comfy pants seem to be my favorite thing these days, and I absolutely couldn't live without my maternity jeans...they are super duper comfy and are the new love of my life!

Cravings: The sweet cravings continue to dominate!!! I honestly can't think of just one thing that I have really wanted this past week, but any time anyone mentions something sweet, it's just what I want to have! 

What I'm looking forward to:  We ordered Baby E's bedding and accessories this week!!! I cannot wait to get it here and start working on her room!!! It's so exciting that more and more things are coming together.  I honestly cannot wait to share it all the fun progress we make.  It is going to be so so cute!!!

Best moment this week:  Emma is getting be so active!!!! It's so fun to feel all her cute little kicks and movements in my belly!! She is so precious and it makes me smile to feel her nudging me and saying "hello"!! I feel can her cute little kicks on my belly, it's so fun.  Daddy hasn't been able to feel her yet though.  She is super stubborn when it comes to sharing her movements, every time that he puts his hand to feel her she stops moving.  Haha :)  I am sure that any day now she will give him her first little "hello" kick.  

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Haley said...

I don't think you can ever be 'fully' prepared or 'ready' for baby.. at least I never felt like I was! Once you have her, you will be as ready as you need to be. :) So fun -- I love reliving my pregnancy by reading about yours!

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