Wednesday, August 10, 2011

11 Week Bumpdate

I am so very excited to be at 11 weeks pregnant!!! I love being in the double digits, feels like we are making some big progress finally!! Baby is now the size of a fig and basically fully formed. It's so exciting to think that this little one is starting to actually look like a little baby! I cannot wait until our next ultrasound so we can see this little baby up close and personal.  

So, let's recap week 10!

Symptoms:  Everything has pretty much been the same as the previous weeks.  I have been super tired and love anytime that I can squeeze in a nap! Over the past few days I have been feeling extra hungry and feel like I constantly need to be snacking.  Unfortunately still have the lovely side affect of breakouts, but it's getting better than the previous week.  Overall, baby and I are both feeling great!!

Bumpdate: I don't have much of a baby bump yet.  I can feel my stomach tightening in the lower abdomen and it's definitely feeling like it's starting to push out a bit more.  I am not even sure if that makes sense to anyone but me, but I am thinking in the next few weeks the bump should start to pop out.

Cravings: I don't really have one thing that I sit and crave constantly, but I have moments throughout the day where I have a thought and really want to eat something.  Most random from the last week, Funions!! LOL!! And even more random is that fact that it was at 8 am in the morning! 

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the baby's gender and getting to see the baby! Also, our next Dr's appointment since Scott will get to come and hear the heartbeat for the first time!

Best moment this week: Finally sharing with everyone our pregnancy news!! It's so fun to hear everyone's sweet comments about baby!!!


Haley said...

Oh I love how you're writing out every moment.. I miss being pregnant! You should find a real good baby/pregnancy journal and make sure you put all of this in there for your little one to read! I used Anne Geddes New Life Gift Set:)

And Funions.. lol.. I haven't had those in FOREVER!! :)

jennabennabear said...

SO Exciting, I am so happy for you! As you already know from being such an amazing auntie to so many, babies are the best thing ever & being an auntie makes you want to me a mom so bad So im so glad how it all worked out for you and by the way you look AMAZING! congrats on that aswell.

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