Wednesday, August 24, 2011

13 Week Bumpdate

Hello second trimester!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe that I am THIRTEEN weeks pregnant!!! How crazy is that?! I am so excited to finally be in the second trimester.  I feel like there is so much to look forward to over the upcoming weeks.  Finding out the baby's gender, getting to feel the baby move, and finally having a real BUMP!

So, let's recap week 12!

Symptoms:  I have been having headaches on and off, and they are anything but fun.  Thankfully I don't get too many at work because that would make me cry.  They are very strong and nothing seems to make them go away except for napping.  I haven't been feeling as tired as I did the previous weeks, but I still am tired later in the day.  I am happy to be getting some of my energy back and I hope that will continue on for the next few weeks.  Other than that, the only constant annoying symptom is breakouts! YUCK! I feel like a super awkward teenager sometimes, but it comes with the territory and I happy to deal with just that one annoyance instead of many of the other ones that other people have. :) 

Bumpdate:  I feel the bump a'coming! LOL!! I haven't bought any maternity pants or clothes yet because most of my clothes still fit since I lost a lot of weight before getting pregnant.  However, my smaller sized stuff is starting to get a little tight.  I was putting on a skirt this morning and noticed that the belly wasn't fitting quite like it did last week.  I honestly can't wait to have a real bump and not look awkward fat instead! LOL! :)

Cravings:  I still am not having super strong cravings for food.  I have things that sound good from time to time, but for the most part everything is okay with me.  One thing I have noticed this week is that I am SUPER thirsty and cannot seem to get enough to drink.

What I'm looking forward to: FRIDAY!!! We get to see the Dr again and Scott will get to hear the baby's heartbeat! YAY! I cannot wait to hear it again and have him hear it for the first time.  Also, I cannot wait to find out the baby's gender and start to feel them move around in there.  SO exciting!

Best moment this week: Getting my Intelligender test in the mail! I cannot wait to see what it says, and yes I know it's not totally accurate but it IS fun!


Ruffled Snob said...

YAY 2nd trimester! It only gets better and better! So ps they say if you have heavy nreakouts it is most commonly a girl and the breakouts are a result of female hormone overload!!! ( I guess intelligender will let us know haha!)

jennabennabear said...

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