Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Intelligender Time!!!!

So if you noticed in my last blog post I mentioned that I had ordered an Intelligender test!  I know they are not 100% accurate, so I mostly did it for the fun of it.  Their website says that it is roughly 90% accurate in most people who test, and from the amount of people that I have seen do them that is right on.

If you aren't familiar with IntelliGender, it is an early gender prediction test that can be taken as soon as 10 weeks.  It bases the boy or girl result on how your first morning urine reacts with the chemicals in the test and gives you a clear boy or girl result.  If the sample turns orange it is a GIRL, and if it turns green it is a BOY!  Side note/tip, if you are going to do an IntelliGender test order it from for HALF the price of buying it in the store! That is what I did, and I am all for saving money.

So, I took my this morning and here is what the result ended up being!!! :) 

Yup, I would say that is a clear BOY result!!!! YAY! We both really would love to have a little boy first and my gut feeling so far has been boy, so this definitely made me smile this morning.  Like I said before, I understand it is not as accurate as an ultrasound, and I am not going to paint the nursery or tell people we are having a boy.  But it is definitely fun to have this line up with what my gut feeling says, and so we will on October 7th if it ends up being right or not!

...I hope it is right! :)

{{I did film a little video of this for my YouTube channel, click HERE if you want to check it out!!!}}


jennabennabear said...

YAY, A BOY!!!! (well you know probaly) :)

christie said...

Found you video on youtube on your TTC story which lead me to your blog! Congrats on your pregnancy!!

new follower xx

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