Thursday, September 15, 2011

16 Week Bumpdate

16 weeks, 4 months pregnant! How craaaazy is that?! I feel like the past month flew by and soon enough we will be approaching the 20 week mark!  I want time to go by fast because I can't wait to meet this sweet little one, but yet I am terrified that it's going to go by way too fast and I want it slow down.  Pregnancy is definitely the ultimate catch 22! :)

So, let's recap week 15!

Symptoms:  Can we say ACID REFLUX?! If there is one main symptom from this past week, that would be the theme.  It has been anything but fun, and it seems like it doesn't really matter what I eat because it all ends in the same result.  It has been on and off for the past week and I would love for it to disappear, but I have heard that it something that might stick around for the rest of the time that baby is in there cooking. 

Bumpdate:  I feel like we have a "real" bump! Today was the first time someone actually commented to me that I am obviously showing.  I did finally have to get a belly band to help me get into some of my smaller sized pants because they just wouldn't button anymore.  I am excited to be looking more obviously pregnant!!!

Cravings:  Not too many things this week, chocolate and sweets have been hitting me on and off, but then I will want some dill pickle chips so it's kind of a mixed bag!!! LOL!!  

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out if it's a boy or girl!!! I seriously cannot wait to know and feeling baby really kick and move!

Best moment this week:  Getting the crib and changer and putting them in the room!! It's starting to feel like a nursery! Also, I finally felt my first baby flutters this week!!!  YAY! I kind of doubted it was the baby at first, but then I kept feeling similar things on and off so I knew it just had to be the baby!!! Definitely the best thing I have experienced to date in this pregnancy!

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christie said...

Congrats on reaching week 16!! How exciting... I always look forward to your bumpdates! Have a great weekend.


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