Wednesday, September 21, 2011

17 Week Bumpdate

I'm totally looking pregnant now right?! I feel like the BUMP is pooping and it's clear that I'm pregnant and not just overdoing the donuts! LOL!! I cannot believe I'm at 17 weeks pregnant! Ekkk!! I know most first time Mommy's to be are always anxious and want time to fly by, but I'm not wanting this pregnancy to speed up any faster than it is going already.  I obviously cannot wait to see this precious babe, but I am okay with it taking time to get there.  We have SO much to figure out still for baby, and will need all the time in can get to sort through it before baby comes.

So, let's recap week 16!

Symptoms:  Acid Reflux night and day! I cannot seem to get away from this thing!! It doesn't matter what I eat, it always seems to pop up and say "HELLO!!".  I just have a feeling that this is going to stick around for awhile...and by awhile I mean until this kid comes out! LOL!

Bumpdate:  Hellllllo baby bump!!! Yup, there's a baby in there and it's starting to show! I am using my belly band on all my pants since almost all of them don't button any more.  I will definitely need to get some maternity pants soon! 

Cravings:  CANDY!! I have been craving candy since this weekend, and I went to the grocery store yesterday and couldn't resist buying two HUGE bags of Halloween candy.  You should seen my husband's face, he couldn't believe that I bought so much.  It just all sounded so good to me!

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out if it's a boy or girl!!! I seriously cannot wait to know and start getting all their room and clothes together!

Best moment this week:  Baby's flutters are turning into baby nudges and bumps!!!  No solid kicks yet or strong movements yet, but they are getting more consistent and stronger each day.  I can't wait for a REAL kick to get me! :)

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